The Viral Roadside Challenge called KikiChallenge or Street Challenge… What is KikiChallenge??

What is KikiChallenge?

Nowadays you all must have seen this street challenge or KikiChallenge or you can say Roadside challenge videos are going viral on social media. Everybody is trying to make this video with a hashtag #KikiChallenge or #InMyFeelings and uploading the video on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. First, there was Dame Tu Cosita Challenge i.e. the Alien dance was getting viral. Most of the people were taking that challenge and were dancing and uploading the video on social media. And now the Kiki Challenge is getting viral. So, exactly What is KikiChallenge? In this Kiki Challenge, a person has to move out of slow running car and dance on Drake’s song track of In My Feelings. And the driver has to shoot this and post it on social media with #KikiChallenge. The lyrics of the song is ‘KiKi, do you love me… Are you riding… Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me, Cause I want you and I need you, and I’m down for you always’. But in the official Drake Soundtrack ‘In My Feelings’ we cannot see car and person jumping out and dancing. Here you can see the official Drake song.

How this Kiki Trend started??

A Comedian and Founder of the ‘The Shiggy Show’ Shiggy has been doing some street performance at NYC and posting it on social media. Before few weeks he posted the video of dancing on street outside the car on the soundtrack of In My Feelings. Later on, many celebrities people are uploading this video. Here you can see some of it:

Some celebrities are doing some unique in that like in this video you can see Dilbar Fame girl Nora Fatehi and Varun has done this Kiki Challenge in an Auto Rikshaw. Have a look at it.

Priyank Sharma has also done this Kiki Challenge with Bob Marley song. In this, we can see Priyank is moving out from a slow-moving car and dancing on Bob Marley song of Suyyash Rai. Just check this.

You can also see this two farmers Desi Style and Safe Kiki Challenge.

ini baru gokil #kikichallenge

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Most of the people over the world are recording their Kiki Challenge videos. But while doing this Kiki Challenge many of the people are facing accident they are getting fractured, injured and etc. Their accidents videos are also getting viral. For this Kiki Challenge as many people are doing it on street in the middle of the traffic and it’s very dangerous to do it so police are also warning people that not to do this. As it is not safe to dance on the roads having more traffic and its dangerous for life. In some of the countries this Kiki Challenge is banned, if someone found doing this they have to pay fine and all these rules are made for the safety purpose. Just check out what Punjab police has to say about this Kiki Challenge:

Even Mumbai Police has also tweeted about this for warning people about this.